(No Relation to Irving or Ronald)

Greetings friend!

Professionally, I'm a former Legislative Director for the United States Congress in Washington, D.C., having been fortunate to work-for and advise two first-class statesmen over the better part of a decade. My areas of expertise in Congress focused principally on both science and transportation policy, having also worked on financial services, agriculture, energy, and foreign affairs policy areas. Of those fields, science policy is particularly dear to me; I wrote (this thing) for The Atlantic Monthly in case you care to know more.

Currently I am the economic policy advisor to the Governor and Chief Economist at the State of Illinois; nothing I say or do on this website should be construed in any way, shape, or form as representing official or unofficial State policy.

Academically, I completed my master's degree in Economics with a focus on applied econometrics under the supervision of Dr. David Giles in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. My thesis used parametric and non-parametric duration analysis to look at life-cycles of microprocessor product lines.

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